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The Just Screw It Team

About Just Screw It

Just Screw It is based out of Leichhardt NSW and is registered in New South Wales as a Pty Ltd company. We are HIA Members and the business is registered with the Australian Tax Office to charge GST.

We accept credit card Payments (Visa & Mastercard)

Insurance & Licensing

Just Screw It is based out of Leichhardt NSW and operates under the trademark name JUST SCREW IT®, currently licenced to Paperock Pty Ltd (ABN 85 134 654 158), which is a NSW registered company. Paperock's building license number is 258627C.

Paperock Pty Ltd is insured with CGU Insurance Limited. Annual Contract Works - Policy No. 01D1224565

If your job warrants it due to its cost, we will purchase "Home Warranty" insurance. In addition, our employees have "Work Cover" as required by the government.

Estimate Policy

Just Screw It does jobs of all sizes. Our largest job was a $3.5 million extension and full renovation of a large house in Bondi. We regularly do jobs between $75-500k and lots smaller and bigger. For those that want just a little work we can offer a handyman for an 8 hour minimum that is $680 including gst. Every hour thereafter is at our normal hourly rate of $85 including GST. All materials that we buy on your behalf are marked up by 15%.

Just Screw It does work on a "Do and Charge" basis as well as a "Fixed Price" basis.

Our "Fixed Price" jobs include a margin for the "unforseens". In a fixed price estimate, Just Screw It will do your job and we will wear the risk if the job costs more than anticipated based on the exact description of the works. If there are extras that were not included on the original estimate, they will be charged to you in addition to the other work.

Our "Do and Charge" jobs don't include a margin for the "unforseens". You and you alone, will be charged for "unfoseen" or extra items.

As part of our commitment to our clients we bill out weekly - ensuring that you know where your bill is at all times. Our office will also phone you each week to discuss the progress of your job and assist in anyway we can. All sums not paid 7 days after receipt of the weekly invoice shall accrue interest calculated daily at a rate of 12% per annum with a weekly administrative fee of $50.00.

In either case, Just Screw It has done its best to provide our customers with an accurate estimate. Just Screw It has provided a price for only the items clearly listed in our estimates. If any work is requested and not clearly stated in the estimate then Just Screw will expect charge more for the additional work. Our estimates are valid for 180 days and may be adjusted if they have any changes to their labour rates.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to provide our valued customers with free estimates.

If you are unable to attend the appointment and you need to cancel or re-schedule, telephone or email us more than 12 hours before and we will be happy to make arrangements.

If our estimator attends the appointment and you are not available, without fair warning, a $100 cancellation fee will apply.

Areas we service

We service the Sydney area including: Balmain, Lilyfield, Annandale, Stanmore, Leichhardt, Drummoyne, Glebe, Bondi, Rose Bay, Edgecliff, Dover Heights, Watsons Bay, Randwick, Mosman & the North Shore, Lower Northern Beaches, Eastern & Sth Eastern Suburbs. If your suburb is not found in the Inner West, Eastern & South Eastern Suburbs or North Shore please don't hesitate to contact us regarding a estimate.

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