Why wait ‘til summer to do those horrible jobs you’ve been putting off since last year? If you think about it, winter is the perfect time to get stuck into the finicky maintenance tasks that every household requires.

Other than preparing you for a long lazy summer in your home and garden, the benefits of annual winter maintenance work, like sanding and oiling the deck, or repairing holes the dog has made in the lawn are countless. But in all honesty, this type of work is going to take time and without the right tools and a decent plan, it will eat into your days off, leaving you tired and frustrated. Just Clip It can help you avoid maintenance stresses with a few simple tips:

  • Make a detailed plan of the work that needs to be done
  • Engage with a reputable company like Just Clip It . Ideally it’s good to get a referral from a satisfied friend or client
  • Get a quote, ensuring you scope out the full extent of the work and are happy that it fits with your budget
  • Define and agree on a timeline – this will give you peace of mind and ensure strangers aren’t in your home any longer than they need to be
  • Clarify who will be working in your house or garden and what sort of tools and materials they’ll be using (and the type of mess they’ll be making)

If you think about it, while the weather is less than average outside, its a great opportunity to commit to winter maintenance. So do it now – while there aren’t as many visitors to distract or give you ‘advice’ – and get a jump on the growing season in your yard.

Cost saving tip: Consider visiting a garden wholesaler to buy the right plants and shrubs for your space, most will deliver to the city and inner suburbs and it could save you a pretty penny.