You may have glanced over our testimonial page at some stage, and its something we’re pretty proud of!

So, we’re starting a monthly testimonial feature to highlight our favourite feedback over the years. Let’s start with this fantastic email:

“By way of background, we hired Just Screw It originally for a small job – replacement of a ceiling with cornice. The team were efficient and the finish excellent that we arranged for them to complete the remainder of the renovations on our rental property. The final outcome of this property was of high standard and we were able to optimise the rent on the property.

With our situation changing, we relocated to Singapore and required our residence to be put into a rentable state. Chad managed the renovation for us, as we had already relocated to Singapore, and sent through photos to keep us aware of the stages completed. He provided honest opinion and at times talked us out of certain changes as he believed it unnecessary. He was also flexible to our needs as further issues arose that needed fixing, which he attended to without complaint or issue.

I found Chad and his team to be honest, have a high attention to detail and workmanship and to be very efficient. I would highly recommend him over other builders. For note, I requested my brother to do a final inspection of our property and, given he has just completed a major renovation to his property in Birchgrove, was impressed and disappointed that I did not make him aware of Chad and his company.”
Jane L F Wilson, Head of Risk and Business Support, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Limited

You can send us your feedback too via our customer satisfaction form. We’d love to hear your comments!