Without getting into the debate of whether house prices are going up or down, I’d like to discuss the benefits of renovating your home.

While would be developers see renovations as a key to unlocking quick profits in the property market, polishing the floorboards and giving a place a lick of paint, probably won’t get you the same profit it did 10 years ago. So why are people still renovating en-masse?

The main reason, and in my opinion the best, is that most renovations will make your home a more comfortable place to live. Whether you’re creating an energy efficient space by harnessing natural light, or improving the current kitchen or bathroom, renovations should give you and your family a better quality of life, while adding value to your home.

Like many first time buyers, I knew renovations were the best way for me to get into the property market. Admittedly, I could’ve bought something smaller in a more central location, but my family would’ve outgrown it and we didn’t want to be house hunting again in a hurry.

After a year of searching, my partner and I found a property close to our preferred location and consulted an architect/builder before signing on the dotted line. The place wasn’t old, but was certainly a ‘renovator’s delight’ – a small cottage comprised of a loft and no bedrooms. At best it was a novelty, but in reality it was unlivable. Add to the mix, a second child due just weeks after the settlement date and we were walking into a perfect renovation storm.

Beginning work on our ‘blank canvas’ was daunting, but with faith in the builder’s aesthetic, judgement and ability to stick to our budget we began work. A year on and things have gone more or less to plan. Despite our tight budget we were able to extend the house to make a good size living area while gutting the cottage to allow for three good-sized bedrooms. Much of the original garden has undertaken a makeover, but with Spring around the corner, it should flourish soon enough.

While its easy to fall into the trap of renovating for an ‘easy-money’ turn around, a completed renovation is worth appreciating from within. From my experience, a common theme at any BBQ is: renovations – too slow, too costly and too much effort, but renovations don’t have to mean trauma, and with a realistic plan and trusted tradespeople it can be a great way to enjoy your home.

Sustainability tip
: Recycled hardwood doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to use and can create a very unique feel.