In August 2011, Just Screw It’s fourth year carpentry apprentice Lucy Minter, won the Acoustic Logic Tradesperson Scholarship at the National Association of Women in Construction Awards (NAWIC) for Excellence.

Bondi based Minter (23) took a few moments out of her weekend to give us a run down of the award.

JSI – Could you tell us a little bit about the award?

Lucy – Criteria for the award was to submit the details of two projects you’d worked on. My two were the job I worked on in the Pyrenees and a renovation I recently worked on in North Sydney, where we transformed a dark and dingy old semi into a light and airy family home.

The award itself was a $2000 scholarship, some of which I’ll be spending to work on a community based in Brazil where I’ll be helping to manage a community based construction project.

JSI – How many girls are there in the Just Screw It carpentry team?

Lucy – Just myself and Flavia Teixiera – a Brazilian born, UK trained carpenter, joiner and mother. Her industry experience makes her a real role-model for all young apprentices and females in the industry.

JSI – Do you work together much?

Lucy – Yes, we work together on a lot of jobs. We’re actually working together on a project in Bidwell (Western Sydney) for Habitat for Humanity who help economically disadvantaged families build their own homes. Its a great initiative and an interesting project to be a part of.

JSI – How do people react to you when you turn up to work on a new site. Is it difficult being a girl in the typically male dominated world of construction?

Lucy – For the most part people are very encouraging. When I first started I thought it was going to be quite intimidating and I was a little scared, but generally clients are quite excited when they see me on a job. They’ll watch over my shoulder for a bit, but stop soon after when they realise I can hold my own.

The JSI boys are all lovely and have always been very profesional and easy to work with.

JSI – It sounds like you’re quite busy, what do you do in your spare time, if you have any?

Lucy – Well today, I’m watching the Rugby at Randwick. I’m also studying a law degree part time at Macquarie University. I do a lot of contractual and construction based subjects, which I think will help me further my career in construction and project management.

JSI – Thanks Lucy, and congratulations on winning your award.