BBQs and Pergolas Spring is definitely in the air. The cold chill – of the not so harsh Sydney winter – has finally been broken and the birds, bees and flowers are waking up. That can only mean one thing… its BBQ season!

If like me, your BBQ has been lying dormant since April or May, it may be time to renovate and add a pergola – increasing your living space and creating a real year-round outdoor cooking environment.

Building a quality pergola will add value to the way your family enjoys their time eating, drinking and playing outside, but while it may seem like an easy task, building a pergola takes a high level of expertise, so call Just Screw It to design and build it for you.

Pergolas come in many shapes and forms, so creating something to suit your home and garden should be doable whether you choose to build out of wood, aluminium, steel or other building materials.

Other things to consider when designing your pergola are the floor and roof. While concrete or decking is popular for pergola floors, roofs can be made from colourbond, see through polycarbonate, or adjustable louvers that open to allow the sun in. The design choices are endless, so working within your budget is as important as ever.

When it comes to BBQs, there are more than a few opinions about how to ‘do it right’ and as seen in a recent SMH article, there’s a great deal of discusion about which country is best at BBQing.

For starters, you need to decide whether your outdoor (alfresco) dining area will simply house your BBQ or a full outdoor kitchen. Will you need bench tops or just a cooking unit? Next, you’ll need to decide on your chosen cooking medium. Will you use gas, wood or charcoal?

While the majority of Australian homes have portable gas fired BBQs, a custom built BBQ powered by gas, wood, or charcoal might be a better way to go. As with any custom build, this will give you the exact specifications you want and guarantee successful BBQing for yeas to come.

One last consideration is the increasingly popular option of a backyard wood fired oven. Perhaps best saved for another post, for the space rich backyard it can add flavour to both your food and garden.