Its summer, sunny and hot, but when you walk inside the house you still need to turn on the lights on.

Sound like a familir scenario? You’re not alone and things can be done to improve your home’s lack of natural light.

In many Sydney terraces and semis light is at a premium, so JSI have built this ‘light ideas’ list for you to work through…you’ll need a creative builder or designer of course, but we can help you with that as well if you’re short on ideas.

There are several ways of brightening the corners of your terrace or semi, but not all of them will be suitable for every house or block.

As with any renovation, bringing natural light into your space will require a plan, so share some ideas with the relevant parties and discuss what the space could become, before agreeing on a plan with your builder, architect, or designer.

From the disign, work through your shortlist of light enhancing possibilities. These may include:

  • Reinstating balconies that have been closed in
  • Opening or repositioning stair-wells to bring in more light from well positioned windows or sky lights
  • Adding LED down lights or pelmet lighting
  • Building window boxes to create a light and spacious feature in your chosen room (built well, window boxes can add a productive and peaceful space as well)

Although often forgotten when addressing the light and airy side of renovations, bathrooms are one room that benefit no end from a light makeover. Bringing more light and a spacious feel to your first port of call each day can provide inspiration and change the way your entire day shapes up, so along with well positioned windows, think glossy tiles that reflect light.

While there is often not a great deal of space to play with in bathroom renovations, light boxes are one great way to create dappled light, and make your morning ritual a far more pleasurable experience.

Other lighting options to consider in your light makeover include:

  • Sky lights on the south side of house – these won’t allow much direct sunlight, but may increase shaded or dappled light into your rooms, to create a warmer feel
  • Using Laserlite sheeting to enclose outdoor areas without blocking any natural light to indoor areas
  • Lastly, and perhaps the most simple thing to do is add a lick of paint. Although a no-brainer, this will always to brighten the targeted area giving it a vibrant and refreshed atmosphere