Green Floors
Well its been a while getting started this year, but we’re back and hoping to bring you some interesting and thought provoking posts, but before beginning, Just Screw It would like to wish everyone, ‘A very happy and prosperous 2012′.

So, down to the business of sustainable flooring and other flooring options such as lino, and carpet. In our last blog we discussed the benefits of concrete floors, but for a variety of reasons – be they cosmetic or structural – concrete floors just aren’t for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a good green flooring option, and don’t want to lay traditional hard wood floors, bamboo is  a great green alternative.

Lumped in with the grass family, bamboo grows incredibly quickly and can be harvested in as little as five years after being sown ( as opposed to traditional hardwood forests that can take up to 20 years to harvest ).

Fast Growing

Although there are several bamboo producing plantations in Australia the majority of Australian bamboo flooring is imported from China, which unfortunately means there are transport related emissions associated with bamboo floors. Having said this, by raising demand within Australia, more farmers/growers may be persuaded to produce bamboo in the future, so these emissions could be greatly reduced.

In terms of hardness, bamboo rates up there with the hardest of timbers and is easy to maintain.

There are three basic styles of bamboo floor in Australia:

  • Vertically laid floors have a fine grain appearance and are of moderate hardness
  • Horizontally laid bamboo floors show the natural form of the bamboo – imperfections, knots and all – and are similar in hardness to vertically laid bamboo planks
  • Woven bamboo floors where the bamboo is cut into threads then compressed. This composite creates the hardest bamboo flooring and gives the floor a very wood-like appearance.
In terms of laying costs, the world of bamboo flooring is competitive, so look around for stockists and then call us for a quote to lay your floor for you.

Of course, if bamboo isn’t your dream flooring there are other options out there:

Carpet has come a long way since 70s shag-pile and can be bought in a range of ‘cuts’. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Cut pile – smooth and evenly cut – has a very neat appearance
  • Twist pile – as the name suggests – has random kinks and a more textured look
  • Sisal – also known as ‘cord carpet’ – is made from the loops of fibres and creates a structured row of patterns

In keeping with the 70′s or perhaps even the 50′s, linoleum ( lino ) floors are making a resurgence in Sydney.

More expensive than vinyl, but longer lasting, lino is the perfect solution to a tight budget, temporary solution or kids area. Waterproof and fire resistant, lino is a long lasting solution that used well will inject an element of fun into your home.

Fun Lino Floors

Available in a huge range of colours, lino contains no chemicals and even has antibacterial agents which creates a healthier type of flooring. Easy to clean and mend, lino can last up to 40 years if properly cared for, making it a winner for any Inner-West dwelling.