Celebrating efficiencies and customer savings

With Autumn in the air, Just Screw It has heaps of reasons to celebrate. For starters we’ve been in business now for over seven years! Yep that’s seven years operating in and around the Sydney CBD. We’ve done work for over 2500 unique families and individuals and completed over 5000 separate jobs.

Changing only to service our clients better, Just Screw It has stayed true to its mantra of ‘doing it right, on time and within budget’.

Having grown into three divisions – carpentry, painting and landscaping – we now employ over 60 staff and would like to say a big thanks to our great team!

Just Screw It remains a full service building services company that takes a holistic approach to your building project. Concentrating on remodelling and extending existing properties – particularly in tight access areas – we understand the time constraints of modern professionals and help take the stress out of managing your renovations.

With a number of building managers and foremen, we’ll manage your project from go to woe, regardless of the size of the job.

Working to a ‘do-in-charge’ model rather than a fixed quote model, Just Screw It will ensure that you – the customer – always gets the best deal. Our tradespeople are not incentivised to finish your job quickly or to cut corners. We want to do the best possible job and we want to do it right, first time. If we have to come back, its going to be at a cost to us not you, so getting it right, first time is an important part of our full building service.

At Just Screw It, we are also embracing technology and celebrating the efficiencies and savings it has brought to our business and ultimately the customer. By developing a web based app to quote your job and the materials involved, Just Screw It is able to pass on the savings this new tool has brought to our business. Using a tablet device, we can now estimate your job and get a quote to you in HTML format within minutes of leaving your property.

Not only does this enable you to think about your job while our visit is fresh in your mind, but it ensures that whoever you deal with at Just Screw It will have complete transparency of your entire job from beginning to end. Yet another reason to celebrate with us in 2012!