Open up your living areas

When it comes to renovations it’s worth asking yourself – what the real reason for renovating is? Particularly in a plateaued market where sales have flattened, the buy – renovate – sell model may be outdated and irrelevant, so its important to know why you’re renovating and what you hope to achieve from your renovations.
If you’re not planning to sell, its important to know how long you plan to live in your home and whether:

  1. your family is growing ( more children )
  2. or shrinking ( kids becoming independent )

Bear in mind that more bedrooms doesn’t always mean a better or more productive space, it just changes your target demographic when you eventually come to sell.

Friends of mine recently bought a property in a highly sought after inner west suburb of Sydney. The property wasn’t cheap, but they got it for the price they wanted and due to a bank foreclosure, the settlement was done and dusted in no time at all. They’re happy about the purchase and are planning to start some very major renovations asap.

Perfectly situated near all their desired amenities. The orientation of the home is dated, with all northerly light focused in the bedrooms, creating small dark living and working areas elsewhere. With three small bedrooms and two bathrooms, the home currently has a squashed, but segregated kitchen and living area. Their plan for this home is to start again.

The building itself is sound and has a great art deco facade with perfect window placement, designed to allow the maximum amount of light in. They plan to turn one of the bathrooms into an en-suite for the master bedroom, reduce the number of bedrooms from three to two – extending the size of the remaining two – and open up the living, kitchen and dining areas. While these renovations might seems like they will devalue the home, the fact that the couple are planning for the long term means that they’ll be able to enjoy the place exactly the way they want it.

The renovation itself won’t be simple. By re-orientating the entire layout, it will ensure that light is maximised in both the living and sleeping areas and the utilisation of space created will allow for an uncluttered lifestyle in a very airy environment.

The couple have already decided that children aren’t for them, so there will be no surprises down the track and as such their space will not be compromised.

I’d imagine many people will look at these plans and either balk at the ideas or be incredibly jealous, for JSI its another great project we’ll be involved in.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this one because its not only unique, but a fabulous story that really demonstrates how renovations come to life when home owners sink their time, money and passion into a project.

If you’d like to discuss a similar situation or would just like to bounce ideas off our talented designers, please give us a call.