External renovations

Now that Winter has finally arrived in Sydney, your garden is probably showing signs of a slowdown.

Trees are shedding their leaves and the grass isn’t growing as frantically as it does during Spring and Summer. With this in mind it might just be the perfect time to give the outside of your home a makeover.

Starting with the garden, Winter is a great time of year to cut back your bushes and shrubs and take stock of your garden. Establish which parts of your yard work and which don’t, then plan accordingly for Spring and Summer when your yard will get the most use.

Like-wise with your home, once you’ve cut your garden back you may be able to access areas of the house that have either been inaccessible – due to excess foliage – or neglected over time and give them the attention they’ve been screaming for.

As we all know Winter can bring a real mix of weather from weeks of cold dry days, to stormy wet squals and gusty winds, so its important to have your garden maintenance under control.

Cut back any trees that have dead growth and dangerous overhanging branches and clean out drains and gutters to allow rain water to disperse easily down stormwater pipes.

While this sort of maintenance should be done annually, for some busy homes it goes unchecked for several years until a blocked drain turns into an overflowing gutter and it in turn becomes a rain affected area of the home. This can lead to damp and mildew and is ultimately something you want to avoid.

Ensuring all south facing walls are waterproofed and sealed is essentail at this time of year. Give any fibro an extra coat of weather-proofing and flakey weatherboard a good sanding and fresh coat of paint to ensure it does not degenerate over winter.

Of course if you’re looking to sell your property, then preparing it now for the selling season (Spring) is also key. Once you’ve given your garden a tidy, look at it through the eyes of a stranger and establish:

  • where the best access to the front door is
  • whether any area of the garden look cluttered or uninviting
  • and whether your homes’ colour scheme looks dated or haggard

You may find that this opens a can of worms and sends your into a renovation spin, but if this is the case then rest assured that other people have been looking at your home through similar eyes.

As always, if you require help maintaining your yard or garden, or discussing renovations contact JSI for a free estimate.

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