Last year we told you about our award winning apprentice Lucy Minter, who has recently completed her apprenticeship with Just Screw It.

Lucy is now busy preparing to embark on a 9 month trip to Brazil where she’ll volunteer for the not for profit organisation - Habitat for Humanity.

On June 23, a fundraising event was held at the Northbridge Sailing Club, to raise money for the materials required to build a house for Alcides. Alcides, a member of the Quilombolo community in Ubatuba, lives in the jungle on the South Atlantic shores near Sau Paulo, Brazil.

The house, designed and built in partnership with Alcides and his family, will be a model of integrated energy, water and waste systems for the sustainable development of his community.

In support of this project and in recognition of Lucy’s contribution, eight members of the Just Screw It team attended the fundraising event. Our total team donation was just short of $500 and will go towards helping raise the funds required to buy the materials for the project.

A further $550 was donated by Just Screw It and this will pay for the materials required to build a greenhouse. In turn, the greenhouse will help Alcides and his community germinate seeds to grow plants and food for his village.

Over the coming months JSI will endeavour to keep you informed on both Lucy’s involvement and the progress of the project. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about Habitat for Humanity or get involved in the Alcides house or to any other Habitat for Hummanity projects, please click here.

Just Screw It recognises and encourages employing sustainable design and building practices to have a positive effect on the local and global environments.