Sydney kitchenWhether you live in a mansion or a small apartment, chances are your kitchen will, at several stages of the day, become the most important room in your home.

The kitchen is the cockpit and the epicentre of the home, so a lot of quality time is spent there creating food for yourself, friends and family. With this in mind, deciding on the layout of your kitchen is key to many hours of happiness and contributes to the mood and quality of your food for years after your kitchen fit out has been completed.

Planning your kitchen installation requires a lot of thought. Configurations in this room need to encompass, practicality, aesthetics, positioning, light and airiness and proximity to the dining, living and outdoor areas and of course an element of your personality. If you’ve got children you’ll also need to think about the traffic in your kitchen –  particularly at peak times – during weekends and after school when the contents of  the fridge will be looked at more than the television.

If renovating your kitchen is part of a larger renovation, don’t underestimate the amount of time and money it will cost. While the majority of the budget will be spent on cabinetry, fixtures and fittings, money can be waisted if you get your project management wrong.

Like most renovation or building projects, timing is everything, but timing is twice as important in the kitchen where multiple trades converge to create a place for the whole family.

In the kitchen you’ll need to plan for plumbing, electricals, tiles, wall coverings, bench tops, splash backs and cabinetry, which is no mean feat. If one trade cancels or goes over time or budget a domino effect begins and this can throw everyone out. Also, convincing trades to come back within your new time-frame may be harder than you think, so its important to be on top of your time-lines from the get go.

As with most renovations, the more you put in personally, the better it’ll be on your pocket in the long run. While it’s easy to get sucked into the latest Smeg and Miele appliances, you can find good value on sites like Greys Online or by picking up a pre-loved kitchen appliance that someone may have just ripped out (remember: along with bathrooms, kitchens are the most renovated room in the house, so just because its new, it doesn’t mean everyone will like it.

Tips for kitchen renovations:

  • Allow enough space for you to enjoy your time in the kitchen – a cramped kitchen won’t encourage others to join you while you toil over a hot stove
  • Ensure your fridge is easily accessible from the living area
  • Think about putting wheels on an island bench, for storage when not in use – a good carpenter can make this happen
  • Consider opening up your kitchen to your outdoor area to allow a seamless summer BBQ environment
  • Do any kitchen demolitions yourself and labour for the tradies. This will bring you closer to the action and may help keep a lid on any budget blow-outs
  • Tiled splash-backs and laminated bench tops are a cheaper alternative to glass and marble
  • Consider second hand or closeout appliances if you’re on a tight budget
  • Always use safety equipment when demolishing - cover eyes and ears and consider the dangers of asbestos in older homes

As always, if you require help planning, managing or fitting your kitchen installation or renovation contact JSI for a free estimate. Just Screw It is your one stop quote for the complete job!

Just Screw It recognises and encourages employing sustainable design and building practices to have a positive effect on the local and global environments.