Tossing up between pavers or decking? Let the landscape answer the question for you?

If your outdoor area is relatively flat and easy to work with, then pavers can be an easy and limitless option. They can be cheaper than decks – by roughly a third – and have a longer lifespan. Rock vs wood etc.

  • Built at ground level, paved patios can have steps leading down or up to them and generally won’t require railings or balustrades, which means less labour. It also means they shouldn’t require a building permit (which you will require for a deck that is joined to the building).
  • Unlike decks, paved patios can be used to build in add ons like, wood fire ovens, out door kitchen/bbq areas or a fire pit!
  • Pavers are very low maintenance – they can be sprayed clean with a gurney or power hose and have minimal negatives They may need levelling or raising after years of use, but this is minimal labour compared to renewing a deck which can be fiddly and tricky to match the wood that’s previously been used.
Of course if your yard is undulating, on a challenging slope, or perhaps has drainage issues then a deck may be the best solution for your home.
  • Decks are typically built above ground and require clearance from the ground ( to ensure against pests and rot)
  • Decks often require railing or safety balustrades (if over a metre high) which can obstruct views or compromise the landscape around the deck
  • They often lead down to grass or other natural landscape which may compromise some guests that are ‘nature shy’
  • When attached to a building decks will generally require a building approval, as they are considered part of the greater structure
  • For obvious reasons, decks will generally not accomodate an outdoor bbq, fire-pit or wood fire oven
  • It’s true – decks can be high maintenance – once you start sanding and treating a deck you’re more or less resigned to doing it on an annual or bi-annual basis. Sure it’ll make your deck look incredible, but not everyone wants to sentence themselves to a life of deck maintenance
  • As a deck ages, the wood and nails that are exposed to the weather will deteriorate and board/nails and screws may require maintenance or replacing
While these are just some of the pros and cons of the pavers v deck argument, it really depends on your personal out-door area, so best to consult with an experienced  landscaper if you’re struggling to make a decision.

As always, if you require help planning, building or maintaining a deck, contact JSI for a free estimate.

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