Open up the room

Bi-folding doors are a great solution if you want to dissolve the boundary between your indoor and outside spaces. They come in many shapes and sizes and are more often than not custom manufactured for the particular space you have in mind.

With double glazed bi-folds more readily available, they can also provide the winter insulation you need and reduce the need for lighting, while still giving you the flexibility to completely open up the room thereby increasing your space and adding atmosphere to any entertaining area.

Bi folds increase the visibility both in and out of your home allowing light, warmth and breezes to flood in – they really are a welcome addition to any hoursehold.

Some obvious things to consider when choosing bi-folding doors:

  • Choose an installer that has experience with bi-folding doors – for doors to be secure, weather sealed and guaranteed they need to be installed properly
  • Check the craftsmanship of the door manufacturers – look at testimonials and prior installations. If possible, visit the manufacturers workshop or showrooms to get a detailed look at the doors and how the craftsman works
  • Establish the period of the manufacturers and installers guarantees before you buy the doors – it’s much easier to get problems fixed down the track if this period is set in stone from the offset
  • Consider the security aspects fo your doors - vertical locking systems in the floor or the upper door frame provide good support and stability for your doors and should deter even the most determined intruder or foulest weather

Transforming your home with bi-folds is a great option as they add style and functionality to any property – old or new.

As always, if you require help planning, building or maintaining your bi-folding doors, contact JSI for a free estimate. We’ll be able to put you in touch with the best manufacturers in Sydney regardless of your budget or installation timeframe.

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