IQuoteM app for the iPhone and iPad

Tired with writing quotes, then punching them into a computer back at the office, JSI recently took the initiative to build our own digital quoting solution – iQuoteM.

iQuoteM is a multi-user, digital platform that works across a number of operating systems and screen sizes. From smartphone, to tablet, iQuoteM synchronises your PCs and mobile devices to ensure you don’t have to double or triple handle jobs, quotes or customer information.

While this saves us time and resources, it also means our customers have a far better experience, with professional tradespeople who can concentrate on their work, rather than the accounts.

“We were inputting customer data multiple times, which eventually led to costly human errors. We used paper three part form books like the entire service world and these became expensive, and time consuming,” says Chad Loxsom, JSI’s MD.

“Illegible hand writing, bad math and the fact that they get lost…all that takes time.”

Prior too iQuoteM, JSI also had a big hole leveraging our customer database.

“Every tech solution we investigated was too complicated, unsuitable and inflexible, so we tailor made our own solution and quickly realised it could be used by every trades person in the industry.”

iQuotM is simple:

  • Every lead is coded by source
  • It allows you to measure your sales performance
  • It schedules every appointment
  • It schedules every job
  • It holds all of your non-financial lead/customer data
  • It sends emails to customers for:
    - Initial appointment time
    - Electronic estimate/contracts
    - Consumer building guide

iQuoteM is currently being used by JSI to streamline the way we do business and to make our customer’s building experience that much better. And because we think this idea is too good not to share, iQuoteM is available for our competitors to utilise as well.

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