Light in the kitchen

“I need a new kitchen in time for Christmas!” As strange as it sounds, we hear this quite a lot around this time of year – maybe its why they call it silly season or maybe its the silly season that makes people think it would be a good idea to renovate their kitchens right before their entire family comes for x’mas lunch.Whatever the reason, for JSI, this is one of the busiest times of the year and for our customers, it can be one of their most stressfull times.

But renovating a kitchen is  a great choice for your home in the long term and its on that note that you need to focus. Given a half-realistic lead time, JSI can install the perfect kitchen for your space within budget and with minimal fuss. We’ll manage the process from A-Z getting a little, or a lot of input from you along the way.

While a new kitchen will make your home – and ultimately your food – feel fresher, a lot of work goes into revamping the epicentre of your home, which is why we’ve provided this list of  kitchen renovation ideas:

  1. Work within your space – If you live in a small apartment, don’t try to be too ambitious. There may not be room for the island bench that you’ve always wanted, so keep things simple and retain an air of spaciousness in your kitchen. Make sure your kitchen functions properly and there is enough room for all your appliances. Space saving tip: Dishwashing drawers or half size friedges can save a lot of space.
  2. Open up your kitchen – If you have a small space, don’t try to cram too much in, as it can quickly become cramped and dark. Instead, consider open shelving as a storage option. Plates and glasses don’t need to be hidden, pots and pans can hang conveniently and knives are easy to find and organise when fixed to the wall.
  3. Keep your fittings simple – Trying to mix too many different styles in one room is always fraught with danger. Likewise, mixing and matching in your kitchen can create a very busy or noisy space. Keeping fixtures and fittings in line with the rest of your home allows guests to move about your home freely.
  4. Try glass – Used well, glass bench tops or cupboard doors, can create an airy and spacious feel. By externalising colour from objects within the cupboards, the negative space created by opaque or see through surfaces can create a very stylish finish in any kitchen. Style tip: Think 50s art deco – glass and candy colours.
  5. Light the way – Light has never been as important as in the kitchen. If you lack natural light here, think about mixing hung lights, with up lights or fluros behind pelmets. More light will encourage people to hang out in the kitchen – they may even lend a hand while you cook.

If you require help planning, building or maintaining your kitchen, contact JSI for a free estimate. We’ll be able to put you in touch with the best fixtures and fittings stockists in Sydney regardless of your budget, or installation timeframe.

Just Screw It recognises and encourages employing sustainable design and building practices to have a positive effect on the local and global environments.