A granny flat in every backyard

With auction clearance figures on the up and interest rates at a fifty year low, demand for homes in Sydney’s inner west suburbs is currently outstripping supply.

While you still hear stories of people snapping up bargains in suburbs like Lewisham, the majority of folks looking to move to the inner west will need to do their homework, or have a upwards of $800k to spend on their new home. Even at that price, you may find yourself having to do extensive renovations.

Although this news won’t come as a surprise to many prospective inner west home homeowners, it may be slightly daunting for first home buyers. So it will come as a relief to hear what the NSW state Labour party is proposing to relieve the current housing shortage in NSW and Sydney in particular - Granny flats – to be built in the backyards of family homes.

While it might not sound like every first homebuyers dream, living at home with mum and dad might just give them an opportunity to save more money and get a foot onto a higher rung of the property ladder.

NSW’s Shadow Planning Minister, Brian Tee said current laws made it onerous for families to put an extra dwelling – with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry  - on their property.

Mr Tee said Labor’s policy was to slash red tape and allow self-contained cottages to be built without a planning permit.

“More than half of young people still live at home and often they are young couples who, because of the housing affordability crisis, live with their parents for years while saving to buy their own homes,” he said.

As well as kickstarting the number of new builds being undertaken in Sydney, this initiative would have a flow on effect for hardwear stores, stockists of fixtures and fittings, nurseries and in turn the local economy.

Our take on it? We think its great! And we’d love to steer you in the right direction or even build your ‘child retreat’ for you. Contact Just Screw It today for an obligation free quote.

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