IQuoteM app for the iPhone and iPad

On the back of improved global and local economic data, 2013 is looking like it could be a turning point for certain sectors in the building industry since the Global Financial Crisis. With this in mind, trades-folk could start getting more leads and writing more estimates/quotes than in the last few years.  This is positive for the industry and also a great time to rationalise your administrative systems and processes and by utilising some of the off the shelf software available, this is now easier than ever.

For years, digital quoting and customer relationship management tools have streamlined the way companies do business. Historically, most of these software packages have been incredibly complicated, specific to the sector they were originally designed for and very expensive. The benefits of solutions like these are enormous and pivotal to lifting the level of professionalism and efficiencies in service/trade oriented business, particularly in the building industry.

One of the top mobile office quoting/client management solutions we recently test drove is iquoteM.

IquoteM is really in a league of its own. There aren’t any similar tools out there that do what IquoteM can.  IquoteM has taken the cost and complexity from WallStreet-like software packages and has made IquoteM a high street” software package.

iquoteM essentially is a custom branded mobile office, designed for all trade oriented businesses, particularly residential new building, repairs and maintenance. It works for sole traders all the way up to large businesses with dozens of staff across large geographic areas.  Simplicity was central to its design.

iquoteM captures new lead information, edits existing customers data, books appointments, creates an electronic estimate/quote, emails the PDF estimate, schedules the job, sends your customer a contract, gives you access to any of this information anywhere/anytime in the world and allows reporting on every step of the way. It also synchs your PCs and mobile devices, which not only makes your business more efficient, but also prevents you from having to double or triple handle jobs, quotes or customer information. It eliminates multiple points of data entry and bulky paper quoting books. As a multi-user digital platform, iquoteM works across a number of operating systems and screen sizes including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Most business would spend more annually on the cost to design and print 3 part form books than the modest annual subscription for such a simple but robust service platform that is provided by iquoteM.

This digital quoting tool can save you time and money and ensure that you are well positioned as the industry really begins to ramp up. Ultimately though, iquoteM allows you to provide a more professional customer experience that your competition won’t have, which can only be a good thing for you and your business.

iQuoteM will help you to:

  • Schedule every job and appointment
  • Hold all of your non-financial lead/customer data

Email customers for:

  • Initial appointment time
  • Electronic estimate / contracts
  • Consumer building guide
  • Job start time and details

Marketing/advertising database

  • It codes every lead by source so you can effectively manage your marketing spend
  • It measures your sales performance
  • It allows for custom branding on all estimates

For more information about iquoteM please check out their website.