The beauty of reclaimed wood can quickly transform your bedroom. It’s natural look and durability makes it an ideal material in carpentry work.

Today, many homes and commercial spaces use reclaimed wood from flooring, doors to decor. Designers are now discovering the rustic appeal of reclaimed wood to help recreate an earthy appeal. The Hyatt Regency Vancouver and Heritage Cabins in Canada have used reclaimed wood to achieve a country side look.

Reclaimed wood is recommended because it helps the environment. It is essentially wood taken from existing structures that are invigorated for varied uses. No trees are taken down by purchasing reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood also has a tight internal structure with its aged appearance. In fact, it may be sturdier than new wood products in the market.

More importantly, reclaimed wood adds history when used in interiors. Your bedroom would have an unmatched personality. Using an aged wood in your carpentry works is a good idea as its aesthetic seems to tell a story. Reclaimed wood can be purchased from stores certified by the Forest Stewardship Council Australia.

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