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Renovations Gallery

Courtyard built

Lounge painting, doorway, remodeling, flooring

Entry way painting, tiling, landscaping, fencing

Kitchen remodelled, bi-fold windows, flooring

Painting, bi-fold doors, flooring, decking

Decking built

Carport screen built

Bathroom remodelled & tiled

Bi-fold door installed

Kitchen remodelled & tiled

Laundry tiled

Table built with custom joinery

TV Unit built

Kitchen built

Screen for side of house

Pergola built


Backyard decking, fencing, painting, landscaping

Basement structural works, gyprock, stairs, windows

Flooring, staircase, bi-fold doors, painting

Painting, french doors, balcony

Decking built

Carport screen built

Bathroom remodelled & tiled

Boat benches built

Fence built

Cupboards built

Cubby house built

Recycled timber used to build a wall

Work in progress!

Pontoon build and installation

Decking built

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