As a general note, can I just say that the Just screw it team and your subcontractors have done an outstanding job. All the work has been done properly, to spec, on time (or quicker), and the quality of the work is fantastic – especially considering that these semi’s can have some weird legacy issues and dimensions to deal with. Being a commercial construction manager where we just have the greater control that comes from bigger buying power and repeat work, expectations are frankly low for residential contractors so am always leery going into minor residential stuff at home. You guys blew those expectations out of the water.
Andy and Paul are good fellows too, easy to deal with, very transparent, and I observed multiple times where they were doing some calcs of labour vs materials to make sure that whatever they were planning to do was generally going to be consistent with the estimate breakdown Chad did initially. At least paying lip service to an estimate in a cost plus arrangement.
Keen to write you guys up a solid google review, and recommend Just Screw It to a couple of other mates in Marrickville in the inner west who are looking to remodel their homes.

Peter, Marrickville – June 2021

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